Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, folks. I choose my wedding date because September has the most clear days of all the months in Iowa.
The weather for my grand event? Cold... Rainy... shit.
So to all you lovely people whom I hold so dear that live in sunny weather. Don't let me catch you complaining of crappy Iowa weather. I will be full aware how crappy it will be and very disappointed that it wasn't a gorgeous day. Crap. Crap. Crap.
More Argh.
On a lighter note:
I got my hair dyed today and I don't have roots showing anymore. Hooray for no dark roots.


Rissa said...

I will be hoping that all of those meterologists got it wrong for you. But if they didn't they say that rain on ones wedding day is the sign of a good marriage.

Mike and Annette said...

It's still early in the week, plenty of time for the weathermen to change their minds.

Mike Angie Patrick said...

The weather forecasts are only about 50% correct in the midwest. There is still PLENTY of time for another forecast or more. All will be fine no matter what. Maybe we can pack up some of our sunshine and bring it along! :)

Katy said...

I'm down with that... I did read something that said that Saturday there is are projected "scattered thunderstorms" and that the weather should be "delightful". Isn't that a nice way to describe thunder and lightning?

Missy said...

I think rain is romantic. Plus - you don't want sunny to turn into HOT! Sweating in your wedding dress is not pleasant.

Obert Life is Good said...

Katy- You've got to learn to ride with the wave. In order to create life, rain must fall. While the forecast is for isolated thunderstorms in the Cedar Rapids area, a little rain will allow your marriage to germinate and grow.

Now, if we were talking about playing golf on Saturday, that would be another story!!!!

Katy said...

You guys are too sweet. I'm over it already. I'll "ride the wave".
(as long as it doesn't rain enough to create one).