Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well, My big brother (who sometimes felt like a little brother to me :>) is now a Papa. Madeline Sophia Obert is the luckiest little girl in the world to have a daddy who will dote on you the same way he doted and was fasinated in his little baby sister, Katy. I talked to him today and he was that same cute little guy who used to hug me and play with me back in Beaver Dam. I knitted Maddie some booties to keep the newest pair of Obert feet warm.

Momma Trish seems happy and healthy. She said that Maddie is relentlessly hungry (marathon eater). The Italians would be very impressed with her (also another family trait).

I'm shouting out all my love over this country of ours that seems much to big these days. I will do my best to visit my new niece before she gets too big. I hope you can hear me!

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Mike and Annette said...

Very sweet. Madeline is lucky to have Chris and Tricia for parents. She will be much loved. And also lucky to have a talented and loving auntie Katy. You have much to share with neices and nephews as well as your own someday children. I hope you will all be able to spend time with each others families.