Monday, March 10, 2008

Lucia and I had our six week checkup today. Lucia really charmed the pants off of them but could only take so much before she was fed up and started howling.

He is growing too fast! She's really long now: 23"! That puts her in the 100th percentile for height. She is also 10.3 lbs. I can tell because my back feels it from trying to pick her up out of the co-sleeper to feed her without sitting up. Its not as easy as it was! Where has all that time gone?!?!? She was so little. My doctor says its because, "I"m a really good cow."... Nice...

Anyway, I put a sad and a happy picture for Lucia today because that has been her day... She really wanted to be happy but the discomfort of her first shots made her sad... I hate approving and signing off on all those vaccines. I'm afraid she's going to develop Autism or have super adverse effects. Even though I know the vaccine theory is a little far fetched I can't help being scared of shooting my "drug free" baby full of chemicals. I mean, I didn't endure an entirely natural birth to shoot my baby full of pain killers and chemicals, did I? I didn't approve the one that prevents diarrhea because I figure:

a. she's not going into a daycare

b. if her stomach needs to expel something... don't you think we should let it?

c. Do we really need to vaccinate against EVERYTHING?

I hate it because I just feel really uniformed because anyone you talk to at a clinic or a hospital or in a book tells you to do all of them because they don't want to get sued... Well, TELL ME EVERYTHING!

Anyone else have anything to share on vaccinations?


Missy said...

preventing diarrhia? I never heard of it and I have an almost 3 year old. I have noticed that with every kid came "new" imms. The one I hate is the chicken pox vaccine. Sarah had chicken pox therefore no need for the vaccine but Sadie needed the vaccine in order to start kindergarten. The vaccine only last for a certain # of years so when it wears off you are approaching adulthood that is when the virus is worse. My Dr didn't even want to do it but the kids can't start school w/out it.

Anonymous said...

Vaccines....I think most mothers have been where you are. I felt the same way you is so difficult to give your healthy child something that could in the end make them sick. I worried about the autism thing too. Morgan still needs her 2 year old shots and she is 3. I think in the end us mothers worry about everything and this is just one more thing. I will tell you it does NOT get any easier as they get older....your worries just become more abstract ;-) Both of my children were a little fussy with their shots, but turned out fine....and Lucia will too. She sure is beautiful!! Kim

Sarah L. said...

Hey there. She is amazing, and you are an amazing mommy for loving her so much. The vaccine issue is a tough one. I was (and still am) fairly selective and only do the ones i think are helpful (like polio etc.)
I am a huge fan of natural immunities. Our bodies were made to fight viruses and grow stronger from them, so I like to make them work in the way they are supposed to work...that's just me, though... It gets even more exciting when you try to put your kids in school and they aren't 'fully vaccinated'. Ahhh....the joys of modern medicine and fear mongering.

Aprille said...

Yeah, what vaccine prevents diarrhea? I haven't heard of that one. Where are you going for Lucia's care?

Sorry she had to be sad. I'm really dreading Miles's shots next week. Did you nurse her during the shots? I've heard that releases natural anesthesia or something.