Sunday, March 30, 2008

Girls just wanna have FUN!

Lucia was able to visit with her cousins Lauren and Lindsey again today. They were wonderful with her and Lucia had lots of smiles to share with them. I was able to take the girls on a walk at Hickory Hill Park (one of my favorite Iowa City things to do) and have nice long chats about life. Grandma and Grandpa Olson were able to watch Lucia and Daddy gave her a bottle and Lucia happily accepted it.

This makes me feel better about going back to work tomorrow. In the same breath, it will be nice to get some more structure to my day. I do well with structure in my routine. I can eat better, exercise more and appreciate things better when I'm not feeling cooped up.

I remember when Duane and Elaine came the day Lucia turned 1 month as well! It was THAT night when I decided that there was a shift in Lucia's behavior. She was "discovering" crying. Things got progressively more difficult from them until now. I made it my mission to untangle the causes of her discontent or, better yet, better understand those reasons.

Here is what I came up with:

  1. She's hungry
  2. She's Gassy/has bubbles
  3. She's overstimulated
  4. She's Hungry but has bubbles to work out first
  5. She's overstimulated because she's gassy and is getting things, people shoved in her face.
  6. She's hungry but has been so too long and got overstimulated so she can't focus to eat.
  7. She's Hungry gassy and overstimulated (FREAK OUT).
  8. She can't poop... Wait that opens a whole new realm of possibilities.
  9. Mommy is sick and she is not getting what she needs from her.

Yes, I think some of my milk may have dried up when I had my fever. I'm working steadily to get it back up there. In the meantime, I think Lucia gets frustrated that she has to work harder to get what she needs. Funny, I was so overly confident about my milk production.

I also read today that if your baby has a food allergy to something you ate they will break out into a rash, will wheeze more and will have mucus green stools. Lucia had all of the above symptoms on the plane rides home Seattle. So I'm trying to work that one out.

Seattle introduced us to the joys of the stroller. We have gone on more walks when weather permitted.

Well, Lucia calls so I must go...

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