Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sorry... more baby talk.
(do I need to be apologizing for that?)
The other day I was listening to NPR. It was doing a show on "advice" to the younger generation. One listener called in and part of his "code of Hammurabi" (I like to call it because it was a list) was "Have children when you are sick of being selfish. If you don't want to stop being selfish with your life, and that's Okay- just don't have kids."
The listener so perfectly described what I was feeling. Many people w/out kids actually feel having children IS a selfish and egotistical act- wanting another you and all of that. However, to me it's about sharing your life. I have done all my selfish things (travel, out partying like a drunkard, etc.) and, for now, I am content focusing all my attention to another or to the "collective" Olson family. I don't mind coming home and having her to look after and quite like the company in the meantime. I imagine there are a few Iowa City friends and maybe others out there who are rolling their eyes and saying, "Just you wait." But I'll enjoy and welcome this feeling of non-selfishness as long as I can.
In other news, after some research on the Internet I have found some new techniques for making baby-O happier. Its all about the gas. So, I'm using this technique where I pump her legs like she's riding a bicycle into her abdomen and she starts tooting away! Now, another piece of common sense advice that I did not observe: Don't lie down below her on the bed when you do it as you will get a nose full of farts. I also read up on "baby massage". I started doing this last night after a scream fest and she was SO infinitely happier and remains that way still. In the meantime, she is turning into an Olympic bicyclist.
p.s. I read conflicting information: One source says that it really doesn't matter if you eats cabbage, onions, broccoli and the "Gassy" foods as long as you avoid lactose and caffeine. They say babies are gassy anyway. The other says that it's all bad and to avoid them all. I happen to love them all and have been trying to stifle my love affair with coffee by trying to drink more decaf. What do you think?


Aprille said...

I have no idea if any of those techniques work or not. I think babies just cry and go through gassy phases. Miles seems less gassy now (10 weeks) than he was earlier in his life, and like you mentioned, I've also heard that 6-8 weeks is the peak crying time.

The problem with eliminating foods is that it can take a week or so before you've fully eliminated it from your system, by which time your baby is older and might just be in a different developmental phase.

I have cut way back on dairy (which I think has helped with weight loss too--though I miss gooey, cheesy pizza). I really can't tell if it's had an impact on Miles's behavior/comfort.

Sarah L. said...

after two babies, and lots of breastfeeding, i have decided that there is only a slight correlation between the food you eat and the farts the baby makes. it just depends on the kid. if you can eat whatever you want, and baby massage those farts away I say go for it.

Mike Angie Patrick Aaron said...

Truly I think it ALL depends on the baby. What works one day, may not work the next. Just like eating the same thing may have a different effect on different days. We just have to do what we can in the moment to help the little ones feel happier!