Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This feels like heaven.

So when I'm not basking in the warm cuddeliness of my daughter I have been finding ways to use some of those ingredients in my cupboards that I haven't been able to incorporate into our weekly menus.

Here is what I came up with:

I had a pork loin roast but not onions for a more "Pot Roast" approach to the meat. Sooooo... I slow cooked it with sauerkraut, spices, and a bottle of Guinness... It was AWESOME! I so recommend it.

I also had ALOT of left over walnuts from a few holiday recipes. So I made a delicious coffee cake.

I feel pretty damned accomplished. Now I have to decide if I need to grocery shop today or can we make it another few days? I have very little time to decide as I'm visiting friends for 5:30 pm dinner.

I should do it. Wat wat waaaaaaaa.


Chet & Gini said...

Very nice picture. Sounds like you are enjoying your opportunity to take time cooking. Every year for my birthday I ask for a cook and in almost 30 years I haven't gotten one yet. I don't understand!

Mike and Annette said...

Yes, cuddles from our babies are the closest to heaven on earth that I have felt. Enjoy this time to the limit.

Sarah L. said...

isn't it? the juicy goodness of snuggling with my babies is almost too much sometimes. i am so honored to experience it, and so very happy you have that chance as well. beautiful picture.

Missy said...

Thank goodness Sadie is a cuddler, Charlie has already given it up.

And grocery shopping is the WORST chore, ugh! I'm with Aunt Gini, I would take a cook before a cleaning person.

Mike and Annette said...

Like my daughter, I like to cook and experiment with new recipes. Mike was such a picky eater when we first were together. Now he will try probably more than I will. We rate recipes as keepers or not. I had a cleaning person for 2-1/2 glorious years. It spoils you for life. Then again, housecleaning is about the most boring thing I can think to do. But my first choice would be for a cleaning person.