Thursday, August 25, 2005

The People in my world...
Let's face it, some people can keep their blogs short because they have laid down a foundation. The people who read their blogs continue reading to keep up on what they know. Well... What if you don't know my world, the people I love, know and exchange with on a regular basis? How about me? Do you know who I am- this 28 year old woman who currently resides in Iowa City? What is Iowa City like? Is it a small Bum-f*** town where everyone is married to their cousin? Or does it have culture, education, and a certain urban feel? I'll get into that in another blog but it' helpful information.
If you come to my wedding... And if its here... You may find these things out. Or maybe I'll be too scatterbrained to submerge you into my life and I'll regret not personally showing you why I've been here for a just short of a decade. Are you interested?
I'm going to try and introduce you to these crucial "getting to know you" points in my life. Do I feel a little self important and the moment?
Perhaps. But I love most of you out there and want to know everything about you. I can only assume that you want the same information about me. First, let me point out that a few of you have not signed my webpages with wishes of love and good fortune. There are a few possibilities for this negligence.
a.) You are also incredibly self-important and can't find the time to put finger to keyboard.
b.) You are computer illiterate and possibly have no knowledge of this or The Knot webpage rendering this whole blog moot.
c.) You do not have feelings of good fortune for me. Very sad (I'm sure this is not the case).
You should all know how much it makes me happy to hear from you. Please write me from time to time and tell me you're OK. Or, alternatively, that you are not OK and, "Hey, let's talk about it."
Anyway, more about me... ha ha ha.
Actually, I want to feature a friendship today. Someone who holds the key to some very particular information and memories that only we and some lost others share; her name is Gia.
Gia and I have parallel lives. The reason I say this is that we have made the major decisions of our life at roughly the same times without any knowledge of each other. We went to Italy and met there at the same time. We came home and lost contact. During that time we did, roughly, the same things. Suffered the similar depression for similar reasons, got jobs at elementary schools working with mentally challenged children. We both became interested in Art Education. The latest is as follows... I was calling Gia to check up and tell her that I was applying to Art Therapy school in Seattle, WA. I told her I would be moving next fall. She returns that her and her partner, Jon, are also moving there at that time... See what I mean about parallel lives? Anyway, I have soo much I could write about us but it comes down to like minds. Only we really understand but that is the beauty of it, I suppose. Anyway, enjoy the pictures of my lovely Gia.

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