Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Pop-o just left and I'm a little hung over from drinking Argentinean wine at dinner. I had Pop-o take me to a non-work affiliated restaurant (a luxury I can no longer afford without my 50% discount) called Venuto's World Bistro. It was Italian night (perfect) and I had the seafood lasagne (dee-lishh). It was a very nice visit. This is one of the best most beautiful things about growing old... Befriending your parents. Pop-o is so unique and I feel somehow blessed that he's my Pop-o. He's hilarious for one thing but he's genuinely emotionally invested in his family. It was nice to hear him talk about his grandson, Patrick, like a proud grandpa should. He's a good Pop-o for coming to visit with me today. Momma was just on line probably hoping that I'd get on and tell her how it went. Well, Mom if your reading we had a great time. I showed him the Giant Sloth in the Natural History Museum and we walked around town and drank good wine with abandon. The Giant Sloth sends his regards.

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Mike and Annette said...

Good to hear you had a nice time with you dad. But I think that both of you are a bad influence on each other with that wine tasting you both like so much. (ha,ha)
The dinner sounded yummy. We will have to go agian when I can come also.
Love you, Mom