Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back to School/Getting myself organized

I realized today that I am entirely too long winded in my blogs. I will continue to try and keep my blogs short(er) and more poignant. Also, I'm starting to doubt my title, "BridalBlogging". Yes, I want to use this page for keeping family and friends up to date on the event. However, I also want to blog about home-based ideas, cuisine, restaurants, and art. I feel like I need sub-categories under one general "Katy O" website. Perhaps with time I will become well enough versed in HTML that I will be able to do this. After having started my original blog under wedding topics it might be difficult to organize my information out into different categories. If anyone has any suggestions. Please write! I am very good at following instruction.
As for my day today... Today is the last day of summer. Tomorrow, I go back to my school job. I have some goals for my education profession this year. They are as follows:
1.) Get the appropriate people to fill out praise filled referrals for my graduate school.
2.) Become part of the para-educators union and pursue better wages for myself and other para-educators.
3.) Focus more on individual time with the kids pursuing goals one at a time (if possible).
4.) Voice concerns more often before its too late (yes, I know that was vague).
I made a New Years list of resolutions and I have kept to it pretty well. I think I respond well to clear goals. I sit around and do nothing if I'm not clear and precise (to myself) about these things.
I bought frozen dinners for my lunches at work and I'm excited about them. I bought 4 "Smart Ones" and 4 "Lean Cuisine". I will keep you updated as to which ones to skip and which ones work out. I'm want to eat healthy lunches that don't cost too much. I think it will help out with portion size too.
Last night I helped work the door at a benefit for Camp Courageous. I had a blast. I drank two glasses of Pinot Noir and they were very good. Pinot Noir may be my new favorite wine. I saw that movie Sideways and got curious. Sure enough, I love it. I think we were able to raise a lot of money. 100% of the proceeds went to the camp. In case you didn't know, Camp Courageous is a camp especially for children with special needs. They get to ride horses there, do all kinds of activities and the kids love it. If you are interested click on the above link and give. Its a very worthy cause!

Well, I have some relaxing to do before I have to start the school thing tomorrow so I'd better get to it!


bschneider5 said...

I'm glad to see you really going withthe whole blog thing. I know what you mean about not keeping on point. I am realizing that myself with my sites. There is nothing that says you can only hae one blog. Blogspot will let you have a ton of them. I have about 4 or 5.I also agree with you about keeping it shorter. I found that people are a lot less likely to read more than a paragraph or so. By the way, I'm not sure how vocal you are in the political arena, but I am seeking contributor for my election blog. (you decide 2008) I am looking for contributors from all sides of the aisle, so it doesnt matter if you're red, blue or green or in between. Also if any of your readers are int, just go there and you can let me know. Why do I always end up blogspamming you??? Anyway, good luck on keeping with your goals. I try to avoid the ones that require losing weight, staying out of debt, or anything else that isn't easy :-). Talk to you later!

bschneider5 said...

Also thought I'd share with you and your readers, I have been using this site to learn HTML and other stuff. (not a blogspam, I have nothing to do with this site!!ha ha)

Katy said...

Brad you may be the only person who actually reads this nonsense...
Thanks for the support!
I'll check out that school website. I'm trying to make a new blog banner and am having trouble.

bschneider5 said...

I'll be willing to lend a hand with it, but it might be better to catch me on yahoo msgr if ou have if, i am bschneider55555