Sunday, August 14, 2005

I use The Knot for everything. This website provides information that every wedding challenged individual needs to know. When I started looking at dresses I couldn't put words to different kinds of necklines, hems, or different kinds of embellishments. I have enough sense to know what clothes work on this body god gave me but a wedding dress. I knew I might turn out to be a snow beast walking down the aisle. No way, I want to wear this dress and not have it wear me.
The Knot is so extensive. It covers the smallest details such as etiquette, kinds of parties and who pays for what! They are hip enough to tell you that time are changing, everything can be updated and here's how to do it tastefully.
If you are thinking about getting engaged, are engaged or just tied the knot- look on this website for the advice your heart desires. I was even able to set up a free wedding website that has links to help manage my guest list, gifts, registries, RSVPs, and that will eventually display wedding photographs! Its truly a godsend.

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