Sunday, February 17, 2008

I have one ring handed down to me from Grandma Obert. I wear it everyday (last month of pregnancy I couldn't b/c of fat finger syndrome) and it fits perfectly. It was given to her from Uncle Marty as I understand it and he bought it from Zuni Indians who inscribed the inside with the makers' names. I wore it at my wedding and it has special meaning to me as I didn't know her very well. I will hand it down to Lucia when the time comes.

note: I stole the ring on baby's hand idea from my friend Sarah Sparks.


Mike and Annette said...

I love this picture and the idea of keeping it for Lucia someday.

Rissa said...

That is very nice. I am glad you are able to enjoy it. For my wedding Mom let me borrow one of Grandpa's rosaries. I have nothing from Grandma or Grandpa. Just a few random memories, that is enough.