Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One week Old and already making progress!
It has been a week already and every morning I wake up to find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with my Lucia. Yesterday, we were visited by the "home visiting nurse". Lucia has gained back all the weight she lost in the hospital and is now 7 lb 13 oz. She lost half an inch (probably due to her head rounding out after the birth). She is at VERY low risk of jaundice, she was rated "2" and I think they you can get as high as 18 before they worry. I forget the name of the test but I think it starts with "Billi". So we are both very happy and healthy.

This the last few days Grandma Obert has come to stay and enjoy new baby. Last night she made her "sweet and sour chicken" that I've been craving. We've only managed one outing to the grocery store because there is a BLIZZARD here in Iowa City. So, we've been knitting and tating and looking at quilting books in our PJs mostly.

Here are some other highlights:

  • Melissa and Sara's family visited.
  • JR and Andy's family visited.

  • Grandma Olson and family friend Mrs. Kellerman visited.

  • The Nelson Family visited.

  • Lucia and Daddy watched thier first super-bowl together and they both cheered when the Giants won. Yea! for the underdogs!

  • Lucia can hold her head up for significant periods of time.

  • She can clasp her hands in front of herself and cross her arms.

  • She is smiling and giggling (one morning when we were waking up together I said, "Good Morning Lucia and she responded with a big smile!).

  • She is still sleeping and eating AWESOME!
  • We think MAYBE we see a dimple (not sure yet).
  • Lucia likes to wave her hands, listen to music, sing with Mommy, suck her fingers, and play with her hair.
  • Lucia also had her first spongebath!


Mike and Annette said...

Poor Kent, he had the bulk of snow shoveling. But I have to say that Katy and Kent have wonderful neighbors. The evening after the BIG snow, Kent had left for work, and the snow plow came by and piled up about 3 ft of snow on the edge of the drive. Katy and I looked out a little later and there were 3 (I think 3) neighbors shoveling out the end of her driveway. Wow! I was impressed.

spazntaz69 said...

Grandma sure looks like she excited and proud to hold both of the olsons babies.