Friday, February 29, 2008

Today Ms. Lucia is one month old. Gma Gpa Olson visited and I dressed her up special in a dress. She woke up and was coy and smiling. Now naps are the only grasp on sanity I have as she can't seem to get comfortable. I put on the classical music for her so I'm hoping whatever it is will be slept off. She doesn't have a tempurature so I'm thinking its just growing. I was going to write a bit about her first month but I can't think that hard at the moment so "Happy First Month Luci!"


Mike and Annette said...

Happy first month, Lucia! You are looking good!! We love you!
Looks like Grandma Elaine is really enjoying Lucia.

Missy said...

So pretty!

Aprille said...

Happy "birthday," Ms. Cutey-pants.