Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Remember being warm?
The snow just keeps falling and building up. Lucia and I snuggle up under the covers together to keep warm. She falls asleep and I follow suit. We wake up and look at each other and exchange a few sentiments. I think we may be getting tired of looking at each other. More often than not Lucia is anxious for a new view. Daddy is home! She loves looking at him.
All in all, things are still bearable but we wish it wasn't the height of winter. We wish it wan't so cold. Lucia would like to see trees and take in new scenery and Mommy wishes she could show it to her. So we will continue to hole up here and wait for the ice to crack.
Anyone have any suggestions for us to cope with our cabin fever?
I will include a picture from my honeymoon for those of you who are also suffering through this cold long winter for inspiration. I have been quite positive about the beauty of winter thus far but even I must admit... Jack Frost has taken things a bit far.


Obert Life is Good said...

Mary & I will be having this view in person in 23 days - Yippee!!!

Mike and Annette said...
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Mike and Annette said...

Hang in there honey. I have no advise for this year's cabin fever. My cure was to come and visit Lucia, and the snow is keeping me from that.

Sarah L. said...

It'll be over soon. I promise. March is almost here and you will be able to fill your days showing Lucia the wonders of Spring in Iowa. I love Spring in Iowa. In Michigan we don't get spring until April...and then only if we're lucky. Love to you and that snuggle bunny!

Moxie Tonic said...

Warm cocktails are my usual cabin fever cure (cider+spiced rum, coffee+baileys, chamomile tea+jack daniels), but that may not be appropriate for you this winter! Lots of good books, happy music, and favorite movies work too.