Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lucia'nne Baby is 4 months Today.

"She is the sunshine in my life," to quote dear old Stevie Wonder. She's grown so much I'm already anxious that she is growing out of baby-dom. She went to her first wedding this month in Ohio. Therefore, she endured her first long car trip. Thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa Obert were there to drive us. She had Mommy and Daddy to smile, coo, caress, and soothe her the entire drive. She only cried when she was tired or hungry. We would stop and I would fulfill all her needs and then I would say, "Thank you for letting me know what you needed, Lucia."
She would smile and me and make some lovely baby jabber sound that is like music to my ears.
Mommy and Daddy love their little girl.
I will save most of the milestones for the quarterly lovenote but I'm proud of my little girl for being so strong this month. She rolls over now, grabs things she wants, "inchworms" around the floor, holds herself up very high on her arms during tummytime, and sits up for stroller walks. She can do so much she has to cry in order to alert Mommy that she just needs to be cuddled and held.
Lucia is a wonderful little girl to have in our family and we were very happy for the opportunity to show her off to friends and family this month. Lucia met her great Aunt Marsha,Gini, Theresa, Mary and Uncles Mike, Chet, Jim, and Bernie. Not to mention she got to visit again with little Madeleine and various 2nd cousins and more! She has yet to meet Uncle Mikey, Aunt Angie, and cousins Patrick and Aaron save a video phone conversation on Mother's Day. That was very sweet because Patrick made Lucia many little drawings that he showed us over video chat. We plan on seeing them in August in Madison if all things go right.
I will upload a 4 month picture tomorrow. The batteries on my camera are dead and I was too lazy to leave the house today after work.

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Sara said...

Reading this makes me really excited to see you and Lucia very soon.