Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mistakes or something better?

I just have a quote from a movie running through my head tonight:

Lounge singer: "I can't... Sometimes do you feel like you can't tell your life from all the mistakes you made?:

Piano player: "Come on baby- Mistakes are what make it interesting... They make life fun."

When you are lying in your deathbed will you be running the mistakes you made through your head and ruing every moment of it or will you be smiling and reliving every moment of sheer joy. Tonight I am thinking of those moments of sheer joy:

  • Spending all night working on a painting/drawing, smoking cigarettes and drinking wine.
  • Dancing with my Pop-o at Mikey's wedding
  • climbing to the top of the Duomo and looking out at sunset over Florence.
  • Singing and dancing at the Deadwood
  • Walking dogs with hot coffee in my hand with JR at sunrise. Swimming with the dogs.
  • Laying with Lucia on my chest asleep- kissing her forehead.
  • My mother giving me a pedicure.
  • Lying in the sun on my Pop-o's boat
  • Kent's tears at my wedding
  • Looks of love from Kent
  • cuddling up with my family in bed

Life is something precious.


Sarah L. said...

i would like to add (to my own list...but you were involved) a certain evening we shared that involved pistachios and a kitchen.

Anonymous said...


Katy said...

Yes, Sarah and "Anonymous", those were also moments of sheer joy for me as well... There are just so many it's hard to remember them all at once.

J.R.evealing said...

"I love rock and roll" Topless, Reservation...That was a moment to remember.

J.Revised said...

ooops, I mean reservoir not reservation...that was another "moment" to remember...he he he.