Saturday, December 03, 2005

Day of Snow and Doggie fun!

Its my only day off and I am awake and ready to enjoy the day. All my friends are out of town so it will have to be a Katy loves Katy kinda day. I just cleaned the kitchen and am on my way out the door to cross country ski. One of my favorite sports that I'm sure I will miss sorely when we move to Seattle.
I am debating whether I want to take JR's dogs, Ben and Knicky with me. I know Ben is going to be psycho and run some other skiiers over. If I feel strong I could hold him on a leash but that might ruin the experience. Later today, I'm thinking about taking all our dogs and having their picture taken with santa. Above is a picture of the infamous "Daisy" (Chris' dog that he left with Mom and Dad when he moved to Seattle) with Santa. Its at Petsmart today for $5 a picture. All proceeds go to a good cause.
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful day in the snow or the sun (where ever you all are).

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