Sunday, December 04, 2005

X-country skiing and love (in general)
Well, X-country skiing with the dogs went VERY well. In fact, I think that Ben (the psycho crazy dog) was a great asset to the endeavors. He is a natural born pulling dog. When I hit the big hills I hooked him on his leash and coaxed him with, "Good boy, good boy" all the way up the hill. This dog pulled my fat ass up the hill! I think I will purchase a harness and make a habit of X-country skiing with his assistance. In fact, Knicky a lazy fun loving collie mix, who actually looked after me and check up more often, was more of a hindrance on the hills. He did not like to pull me up the hills. Ben acted like it was his mission in life.
After X-country skiing with the dogs I made my way to the Deadwood. This bar the place I can go and always either find someone I know or meet someone to be my friend for the night. Well, I spent the night drinking with "New" people that I never met before in my life. We played '90s Trivial Pursuit and watched the Simpsons. I divulged that I will be getting married in a year's time. Boy, everyone's got their story.
I can say this... People can change. Close friends will tell you that Kent and I were never perfect. But today, I can honestly say, I have nothing to really complain about. I love my man.
We bought his ring this weekend. A classic gold band reminiscent of my father's gold band. It's classic and will never go out of style. Kent was actually pretty excited about it. I will have to give plasma for a few months to pay for it but.. It's done!
I'm going to go out on a limb and say, "Men do change!" For the first couple years of our relationship we struggled. Big time. Kent had been a bachelor for many years. I was naive and new to love. But now we know despite our own hangups, we love each other and we are family together. To find home in someone's arms is the greatest indication of "true love." I can safely say, "I am marrying someone I love and look at and see my very own sense of family in his eyes". With him I will never be alone. He looks at me and I see all the pain of life melt away in his eyes.
Maybe I've had a few too many but I wonder if everyone experiences this. Love isn't easy and magical as the movies portays it. You really have to work to get there! My friends used to say that instead of a thesis I should have written, "Kent, 101," because I spent so much effort and time figuring us out. I think its paid off. I have a man who loves me without question and will be there for me no matter what.
Love to everyone... Including some family who just had a heart attack in their family. Uncle Jim... Take the strength of some of this heart. We're thinking about you.

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