Thursday, December 01, 2005

Quite a lot has happened since my last post I hardly know how to focus it. Since this is a "bridal blog" I think keeping it up to date on wedding information is the best start.
After deliberation with the married women I know from work I found that Hy-vee is where to go for flowers. This was something I was surprised to find I could get excited about. There are a lot of things to consider with flowers. Buttonieres, pew pieces, nosegays (to the delight of my bridal party, he he), my bouquet, table centerpieces, petals, ect. I'm very excited about the choices I made. I am on the lookout for 20 cheap candle lanterns. Please everyone! Make a fun "hunt" if you are out and about and find a lantern to either mail it to me and I'll reimburse you. I don't want asian or morrocon lamps. I'd like just a nice standard looking lamp.
That same day (I woke up on my day off at 6 am to go to Cedar Rapids and get things done) I met with my bridal party to dress shop. I found my dress and got if for half off at Heart to Heart. All my bridesmaids and tuxedo rentals will be through there in order to have this deal. I'm pretty much letting my bridesmaids pick out their own dresses because frankly, I don't really care what they wear. I just want them to be color coordinated and match. I did like my dress and everyone agreed that it was the best looking dress. The maid of honor was screaming, "Its the one!" in order to hurry matters a bit. I am happy with it but I did not have the crying, "...its the one" moment. I think that is Okay, though.
It was "friend Thanksgiving that day" and my maid of honor was cooking a turkey so they all had to leave after dress shopping. JR, my male attendant/best man, was able to hang out with me afterwards for lunch and then over to the rental agency. We had a great lunch at a pizza place called "Leonardo's". This was a really fun place. It had a 50s decor with Elivs, James Dean, ect. and the walls were covered with black quilted vinyl and the booths were blood red quilted vinyl. Jr and I had a pizza with mushrooms and stromboli and Hannah, Jr's foster daughter had taco pizza.
The rental agency was a real boring and long process. There is a lot of crap to consider. I'm happy its over with. I do have to go back and confirm and pick out the details but it was a process too annoying to even retell.
I've also been taking with caterers and pastry chefs, ect about food and cake much nothing is in stone yet. I also need to sort out hotels with the help of my sister in law, Angie. In case you were wondering, I haven't been doing everything by myself. Kent has put a hand in here and there with decision making.
A few birthdays have passed by... Yesterday Melissa turned 30, Mom had her birthday on the 4th of November, and Mike and Angie Obert (brother and sister-in-law in Arizona) had theirs on the 23rd and 24th. Jr will be celebrating his 30th birthday tomorrow on the plane to Vegas with his friends Melissa, Sara B, and his partner Andy. I cannot join them regrettably because I have to work and save my money but I gave them all the cash I had to gamble for me. Andy has been researching and practicing so I gave him $20, Melissa and Jr each got $5 to gamble for me. Maybe they'll win me some money to put into my credit card. If it wasn't for debt and wedding I would have probably gone. I also have put some restrictions regaurding Las Vegas and strip clubs on Kent so it would have been a double standard if I went.
Work has been getting very festive. We made "hand wreaths" with the kids at school that look very nice and christmas colored chains to hang from the ceiling. We are able to celebrate Christmas unlike a lot of other classrooms because we have a limited number of kids and we sent out a notice to the kids' parents letting them know and asking what they'd like included during the season. I put up the garlands and the lights at the Bread Garden but my brain almost exploded because of the malfunction of a few lights. It was the kind of lights where if one goes out they all turn off. Kent and I have all our decorations up at home and it looks very warm and cozy there too.
Mom just informed me they will be coming to visit during a house hunting trip. Yes, they finally got word that they are moving back to Waterloo (in the dead of winter, no less). Poor Pop-o... I will be so happy to have my momma here to help me.
So thanks for reading this huge update! I'll have to post something else that is fun for gettting through it all! Everyone be safe out there traveling in the snow!

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