Thursday, December 29, 2005

My 100th Post!
Well, I'm still writing on this blog so there must me something very therapeutic about it for me. I've been using the time off from working at the school this winter break to work full time at the Bread Garden (my other job). I think I should be able to pay off a few things with the extra money I'll make. I got one of my paychecks today. I don't know what I would do without this job!
Last night after worked, I cashed in one of my X-mas coupons from Kent. I received one of my massages.
When I met Kent he gave the worst massages but I must say I have trained him pretty good. I like to think of myself as a massage enthusiast. In art school, my roommates and I were always willing to exchange back rubs. They were especially important after spending long days traveling and hiking in Europe.
I have been told by my friends and fellow waitstaff/co-workers both at Micky's (when I worked there) and at the school that my true calling is massage therapy. It must be my big strong german hands and my robust stature. My massages are not for the weak and flimsy, however. You gotta like some deep tissue rubbin' to endure one of my massages. Kent is ticklish and can be a little too sensitive for my rubs but I can tone it down to suit him alright.
Anyway, my back rub last night was juuuuuust right. I've been having trouble sleeping lately again and my legs get twichy and stiff. Its absolutely maddening when you are trying to sleep.
I'm trying not to take advantage of Kent's new found free time while he looks for another full time job. I can get lazy, tho'. Its so easy to let him take Olivia out to go potty and have hime cook and do the dishes. I have to remember to make the same amount of effort. However, I could get used to a house husband. Today, I made sure to take out trash, do dishes, take out Olivia, ect. so he knows I'm trying to keep house too.
I was looking at honeymoons on the Wedding Channel website today. There were pictures of a spa/resort in Greece that started me dreaming. It looked positively decadent. I hope we can have a honeymoon someday. I'm not sure we will have the resources/time to enjoy one right away. Maybe we should take a honeymoon to celebrate our first year together or so. I would appreciate any suggestions on cheap yet nice locations, ect. For a week long honeymoon. I think it would be a nice reward for all that planning and moving stress.

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