Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mulled Wine disaster
Well, I actually got a couple of friends to come over last night. I had homemade jalepeno jelly over cream cheese with crackers, the accumulated bottles of beer in my refrigerator, a few bottles of red wine, and some mulling spices my parents bought me on their visit.
We watched my favorite show, Project Runway. Then we watched the Being Bobby Brown X-mas Special. The challenge this week was to group into teams and make lingerie lines consisting of three outfits. Santino (the show's golden boy) bombed his line because of his inability to work well as a leader. It just goes to show that you can have all the skill in the world but if you're a cocky and rude you won't necessarily be a good leader. You have to be a good team leader, delegator and communicator to succeed (that turned into a slight rant, opps...). The guy who was out this week was the better leader and shouldn't have been cut. When asked who from his team should be out he responded that if it came down to the chopping block that he would take the heat and nominate himself. Santino did the cowardly thing and nominated Emmett, one of his team members. Damn, I love this show. It reminds me of art school.
Anyway, I digress, I read the directions on the mulled wine spices wrong and used apple cider vinegar instead of just plain apple cider. The mulling process turned into a stink bomb making process. The smell was so offensive that Kent's eyes were watering and he got a headache. I was a little too tipsy from the beer to notice. Or maybe it was my problematic nose that kept me from being affected? Whatever, Dr. Jeckyl turned into Mr. Hyde so we had to go somewhere else to have our fun.
We tried to go somewhere new but that didn't really work out. So the Deadwood it was... It was pretty fun. We helped Melissa write a poem that I will publish for you after she gives it to her girl (if she lets me). I really would love for all the bars in Iowa City to go smokeless. If I'm in smoke I just want to smoke myself. I get sicker from the smoke than I do from drinking. My olfactory system is so sensitive anyway. I would not smoke as much if at all if it the bars were smokeless.
In wedding news I received my ring pillow, wedding cameras, cake serving set, and bubbles in the mail yesterday. I was a little disappointed because I was initially excited at the possibility that my brothers' gifts found their way to my door. But it was also exciting to start collecting things for the wedding. I hope the cameras stay ok till next September. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, in case any of you missed the e-mail about my move last December and still have the 2001 Kountry Ln. Address for me please contact me so that I can update you.

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Anonymous said...

Very funny about the Apple cider vinegar. UGH, I an only imagine what it would have tasted like. Better luck next time.
Love, MOM