Friday, December 23, 2005

It's almost Christmas. Kent and I are staying in Iowa and saving our pennies. The last couple of Christmas vacations my family has gone down to Arizona to stay with my brother, Mike, and his family. Above is a picture I took near a very famous spot. I think it was the Okay Corral or somthing. I can't actually remember.
Isn't it pretty? We also went on a horseback ride that year that was very nice. Kent was unable to accompany on these trips. It was always a little hard spending time with my family without him there.
Tomorrow we are going to Cedar (c)Rapids to spend the day with Kent's parents. We will probably go to mass and have a nice dinner. Kent's family is Lutheran so I'm able to follow the service well enough from my Catholic background.
I generally go to church for the music above all else. I love to sing at church. I should join a church choir one of these days. Iam also often moved my the sense of community one can find at church.
Yesterday, JR and I were walking dogs and discussing how we've been craving church and, still worse, Catholic mass! This is very hard to comprimise with our steady pro-choice and pro-gay views. However, it is comforting and retrospective to attend catholic mass like putting on a security blanket. I go time to time when I'm not working nonetheless.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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