Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hello... My name is Katy Obert...
And I am a bride-with-a-gut-and-enormous-TA-TA to be. I need to go on that "Biggest Loser- engagement edition" or something.
This is how my day went:
1.) Went to work (in very good mood)
2.) Talked a bridesmaid into staying my bridesmaid
3.) Went home to meet my soon to be husband. Found my rehearsal dinner dress I ordered had arrived. Got very excited and tried it on... Realized I'm in desperate need of heavy duty undergarments otherwise breasts will fall out of dress and smother friends and family.
4.) Went to talk to woman about baking a cake for my wedding. People... This cake is going to be goooood. Sorry to you people who don't like chocolate (who are you, anyway?) but I'm planning on a Baci candy inspired chocolate hazelnut delight!
5.) Went to Dillards with a nice gift certificate in hand to buy some undergarments for my sexy new dress that actually fits!!! Hooray.
6.) Spent an hour and a half circling lingerie dept. Without help of woman in doctor-like white coat with "fitting specialist" embroidery to help me. Tried on too small undergarments.
7.) Watched as my white skin turned pink from shoving too small undergarments around my body... Torture.
8.) Drove directly to gym to punish myself for being disgustingly overweight slob.
9.) Worked out on bike and treadmill for an hour.
10.) Got the stupid idea that I should try "Bodystep"
11.) Almost died from tripping overmyself trying to follow very tricky and fast aerobic "bodystep" workout. Then almost passed out from my fat suffocating my lungs.
12.) Went straight to car and drank a barrel-ful of water.
13.) Came home to find spaghetti nasty disaster left in our kitchen sink. Apparently Kent got hungry (then, refused to eat carb filled rubbish- ate an apple instead- good job Katy :))
14.) Sat down to computer to buy aforementioned heavy duty keeping in fat underwear for rehearsal dinner dress and wedding dress.
15.) That's it, really.

So you see... I've been very busy. A very busy chubby bride. That's me.


bschneider5 said...

So is this a picture of you trying on some wedding garments?

I was also wondering, what are you going to do with this blog after the wedding day? Are you going to keepthe wedding theme alive, or will it be a journal of a married woman?

Katy said...

Hey Brad-
I'll probably be able to ungrade to my own new site by then.
And here's the big disclaimer: This is not my body. I wish it was- I have a little extra chubbiness hanging out on my body.