Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick Update
Well, working out has been going fine. I haven't lost any weight yet but It's still early. Today and yesterday I had to work my second job. Tomorrow I will will get back in the gym again. I over exercised on Monday night. I didn't feel sore yesterday until night time. Today, I'm still pretty sore.
Kent is still looking for a job. Everyone should keep him in their thoughts because this thing is turning out to be more difficult than we anticipated. I hope he can find something really nice so I don't have to worry about money for the little things before the wedding.
It has been raining in Seattle for 20+ straight days and they are about to hit record amounts of rain. University of Washington had a frat that was closed down due to mud slides! This is where Kent and I are going to be moving. I hope Seattle gets this kind of rain out of the way before we move there. Or maybe I'll like all that rain. It will be different.
As for wedding business, I'm still worried about finding rustic looking votive lanterns for the reception tables. I also need to find a DJ and think about making a "Kids table". I can't wait until Mom moves back so I can get her working on some of these things. I made hair appointments for me, mom, and the bridesmaids. If anyone wants an appointment or if you are a bridesmaid and don't want an appointment- let me know and I try to find us all someone.
Other than that, Happy Hump Day!

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