Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Modern day Robert Frost among us in Iowa City
Tonight when I came home from work I watched a little of my favorite television programming (Can anyone guess? Yep. Project Runway). However, its what I watched after P.R. that got me logging on to write about it.
I was watched Iowa Public Television. There was a program on made by a resident of the Iowa City senior center. Her name is Barbara Hackman. She made her show about the snow removal after a storm early in the morning in February, 2004.
I'll be honest. My first impression was, "Here is potential for comedy." I braced myself to engage in a little black secret behavior that only a few friends know about... For those of you who watch P.R., I'm a little like Santino when I'm this way. I get pretty full of myself and make fun of the ridiculous antics of those around me. Its a dangerous game (guilty pleasure). The irony is, of course, that I have been and continue to be the butt of many people's jokes and criticism. Maybe its my defense mechanism and personal coping skill.
However, I got off topic. This show really sucked me in. The way it was filmed and narrated was very artful. It was all shot from her 10th story window at the senior center. The climax was when the empty trucks lined up beside a massive snow blower to be filled. She presented it as if it was an exciting snow parade. She slowed down the footage to show in detail how beautiful the snow was when it was forcefully shot out of the tall blower into the massive truck. It was a little like watching those desk ornaments that were really popular for awhile. You could turn them upside down and watch the sand stream into different designs that resembled either a mountainscape or a sand dune sunset.
The narration was nothing other than sheer poetry. I felt like I was listening to a modern day woman Robert Frost. I was inspired. I was able to leave myself and see the world through this woman's eyes and feel the excitement she felt to be watching the city remove snow early in the morning while she ate her breakfast.


Heidi said...

HI! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I woke up so late this morning I blew my chance to start weighing myself everyday...I totally know what you mean about mesmerizing images. I find myself staring at the (as silly as it is) the front loading washing machine with a glass door I got a few months ago WAY too much. Just watching the clothes and soap and rinsing.

Heidi said...

Oh yes, by the way, how do I save an image to post as my profile picture? I downloaded the 'hello' program, and I figured out how to stick a picture as a post. But in the 'edit profile' area it asks for a picture's URL. I'm at a total loss there.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the lovely tribute to Barbara Hackman's work and to the woman herself. That's my Mama you were writing about! :-)


Katy said...

You're welcome. I'm glad you found my little blog.
You must be very proud to have such a sensitive and insightful mother.