Saturday, January 07, 2006

Putting on the dress on the day...
I have decided that its high time I started thinking about my body and how I'm going to look on that Big Day. I received a 6 month membership to Core Fitness from my parents for christmas. I thought about buying a treadmill but decided that having my friends who go to Core motivate me and not having to move that huge piece of equipment was more important. So I've gone three times in the last week and I should be leaving any minute to go again today with my friend Sara B.
Yesterday, I took my measurement and found that in approximatly the last two years I've lost inches on my legs and arms but gained three inches in my chest and waist. Its happening, I'm turning into the beach ball bellied wuenneman woman. My mother, her mother, some cousins, and I all suffer from this horrible fate.
I looked up workouts on the Shape website for toning up my back and arms because my wedding dress will be featuring these areas. I printed them out and am going to try them along with my weight lifting part of my workout or maybe I'll do them after the second cardio... This is my workout (adapted version of fellow associate- Jessica Gordon's workout):
10 min cardio (of my choice) to warm up
weight lifting (alternate days to target areas)
40 min cardio (mixing up 20/20 min on two other machines of my choice)
yoga/pilates - cool down
I've done this three times this week so I hope I can keep it up.
As for eating... Its hard to stay strict when you have a fiance whose cooking up fatty casseroles... but I made a nice chix breast salad last night... sticking to just what I bring to work to eat without too much snacking on what I call "teacher treats" at the school. Lots of fruits and veggies, my jasmine green tea instead of coffee with cream, less chips and bread.
Wish me luck! Well, I got the phone call to get ready and go work out so I have to change...


Heidi said...

Hey! thanks for the warning about week 3! I should hire you as my diet coach...LOL.

Congratulations on your engagement! How much of the wedding planning do you have yet to do? My husband and I (well let's face it, my family and I) got everything together for my wedding in 4 months. Everyone pitched in to do different parts. My father did all of the food himself (he's a chef), my mother organized her musician friends for music...what I mean is everyone did something and made the whole experience that much more memorable.

spazntaz69 said...

Hey Kate,
I read what you wrote, but to your old uncle, you always look great to me. It's that nature beauty, Inside and out, so don't fret too much.
I love you,
Uncle B