Friday, January 13, 2006

Here's the dress I chose for the rehearsal dinner. I bought it a size smaller than I should have bought but I want to use it as an incentive to keep working out and eating right. Today is double pay day and yesterday Kent's unemloyment was approved so we went out to dinner to celebrate not being completely broke.

I made a better choice than I could have. Instead of eating Italian or burgers we went to Oyama and had sushi rolls. We were seated next to the special ed teacher from City High. He's a lot of fun and it turns out he also lived in Florence for a year. We had a lot to talk about. His group brought a bottle of rice whiskey and they were nice enough to share it with Kent and I.

I need call Heart to Heart today and get swatches of the bridesmaid dresses for my future mother-in-law, my momma and florist. So I better get a little business done instead of doinking on the computer all morning.

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sawbewitched said...

That is a very pretty dress!