Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kent and I have Grey Morels growing around our house! We found three this morning. Tonight I was planning on grilling burgers so I think these Morels will be a welcome gourmet touch to them! YUM!
So all you Morel hunters get your boots on because they are POPPIN'! The above picture is not sampled it is the actual mushroom we picked growing in the ground!


Will Coghill-Behrends said...

Now we know what Coghill will be doing every time we come to visit you!

Aprille said...



Mary said...

I know this isn't very cultured...but morels always kinda scared me. They just look really the inside of a heart...a grey, rotting heart.

Sara said...

I'm with Mary on this one.

Talk about the willies... I heard this radio show about growing fake meat (that's one ridiculous way to "cure world hunger"! anyway...) and a caller was suggesting that we graft animals to mushrooms so that the fungi could grow tissue similar to meat.

And that is why I hate science, and thinking in general.

Mary said...

(From one closeted NPR snob to another)...
I heard that radio show, too, and that fake (but somehow real, right? I was confused) meat thing was strraaange.
Yeah...thinking is overrated. And really, it just makes me tired.
One more reason TV is the shit.