Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Zen of Blog

Since my friend JR has been really starting to enjoy blogging I have been thinking more about our blogs. I say our blogs because, although I know a few of you out there are what they call cyber-stalkers- people reading my blog completely unbeknownst to me, my regular readers are you-my friends and family who want to see what I'm up to now and again and I read yours for the same reason.
Some people do not create blogs because they think its somewhat strange or egotistical to have a blog... you know the whole, "Why would anyone want to read about you?" thing. Well, yeah, people do! Sad as it may seem I would know very little of my nephews and my niece if my brothers didn't blog about thier lives. I know feel much more connected to family in California because we rarely have the pleasure of visiting. I wish more of my family members blogged and MORE OFTEN. Pop-o and I were talking about the ability blogs have to resolve the non-aging phenomenon that happens when you don't keep up with someone during dinner. For example, if you do not see a family member for years, they stay the same person they were when you last saw them. This includes all the same faults, annoying habits, as well as the good traits too they might have. All along this person is learning and growing! They meet someone, they settle down, they undergo some serious medical brush with death. If you don't know these things you just go on thinking they are the same and you expect nothing more of them. You may even hold a grudge against them. If you are more privy to the things happening to them you may be more open to them the next time you see them. Some post little anecdotes or jokes that keep me privy to their sense of humor or some of the more subtle nuances of their personality. How great is that?
I even enjoy reading about friends here in Iowa City. I keep up in their fast paced thirty something lives (yes, we have those in Iowa City too!). We juggle work, families, partners, romance, kids, activities and hobbies in 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I often hear the words, "There just isn't enough time!"
Are blogs egotistical and the musings of self important individuals?... Sure, sometimes (maybe like me now, right?). But I find blogging therapeutic in many ways. I often think there is a certain Zen to finding a moment to cherish in a hum drum day.
I have also been toying with the idea of creating a secret blogger identity. There are things I do not write about on my current blog... this blog... that I think about writing all the time. However, I know better not to in order to save myself from the repercussions of those who love me. Do I want to be well received at the next family wedding or night at poker? Yes! No one wants to know about the wild musings of a friend, sister, niece, cousin, or daughter but they will read about that of someone completely anonymous. My friends know more than they care to already. However, do I want to validate the things I do by reading that someone else has done them or thought about doing them too? Hell, yes! Over time I have learned to edit my candidness in company- sometimes. However, it doesn't keep me from still wanting to say those things ;)


Chet & Gini said...

I must say I agree - I love these things and check them nearly everyday even when I don't write something.

Chet & Gini said...

P.S. - the comments are as fun to read as the original post!

Sarah L. said...

i apparently have a little trouble with that censoring thing on my blog...maybe i should create a secret blogger identity too. ; )