Friday, April 04, 2008

My birthday day...

It's officially my birthday today and it was pretty normal. I brought one of my now famous Irish Cream Bundt cakes (Go ahead JR... "Bundt! a Bunnnn-t") into work and the teachers loved it... Teachers. The way into their heart is definitely through their stomachs.
After work I ran home to my lovely Lucia and she promptly ate so long we were unable to take a walk in today's gorgeous weather. Pop-o came and took us to eat at the Power Company. I had the Oscar Steak which is a steak medallion topped with asparagus and crab. It was delectable! YUM... I did drink more than one glass of wine, I'm afraid... We drank a Cab with a fancy Spanish name that was actually from California. For dessert I had the bread budding that had a chocolate chip banana nut element topped with caramel sauce. Pop-o insisted we bring dessert home for Kent as his birthday is on the 8th. So I picked out the Irish Cream cheesecake topped with some sauce for him.
We had a humorous moment when our meals came out and I could tell something was written in his Bourdelaise (sp!?!)sauce in green but I couldn't tell what. I saw it while he was cutting into his steak and said, "Did someone sign your meal?"
"I guess so!" Pop-o laughed.
But alas it wasn't signed. Someone wrote, "Enjoy." In his sauce. I thought some smart ass named Enzo had signed his work.
So now I think that Lucia and I will just snuggle up and watch "Pride and Prejudice." It's playing on WE tonight. I am consciously trying not to think about feeding my husband.


Chet & Gini said...

Happyt Birthday Kate - sounds like you had a good one!

Mike and Annette said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie, I am glad you and dad had a nice dinner together. Sorry I missed it. We will have to do something special when I get home.