Thursday, April 24, 2008


I remember as a young girl in Beaver Dam, WI, running around our neighborhood. There were times when I would meet someone new and I would want to play at their house. For the longest time I would run over to the elderly woman's house who shared back yards with us. She had a schnauzer that our dog, Chi-Chi, was in love with. This lady had lots of Barbie dolls and things to play with. Another time I used to run over to the woman's house next to my friend Angie. Her daughter had passed away and loved company.

I guess where I'm going with this is... I've become "that house". The little boy who lives next door has really taken a liking to us and loves coming over to play. He came over today. Here are some of his activities:

  1. Playing with Olivia (tricks, walks, you name it!)
  2. Talking to Lucia
  3. Filling our birdhouse with seed
  4. Antagonizing Olivia (Blocking her into a corner of the house with pillows and carrying her around in a wild and crazy manner).
  5. Drinking a Dr. Pepper
  6. Eating some of the Scalloped Potatoes I made for dinner
  7. Watching Willy Wonka on TV
  8. Building a fort out of blankets in our house
  9. Running with all the dogs (he has three of his own).
  10. Playing with our hula hoop
  11. Showing me his basketball moves

I told him next time he needs a playmate I would call over my friend's son, Damond. He was a lot of fun but BOY! am I tired! They are cute, however. Cindy is a real blessing and loves Lucia just as much as I would want someone watching her to love her. I can't thank God enough for sending her to us!

Our neighborhood/street really rocks! Within the last week I have met just about everyone. Let me count how many neighbors I met.... I just counted 18.

Ironically, I haven't met the gay male couple across the street considering how "gay friendly" I can be. I've tried to wave and smile at them but they won't even look my way. They were really helpful to our elderly "watchdog" neighbors across the street. The husband has a bleeding ulcer and went into the ER last Monday. Apparently, at 4:30 am, they came over and cared for them until the ambulance came (they were also the ones to call them). One of them is a VA doctor and the other is a nurse. You can tell that we have a very involved street because I already know all this about them.


Chet & Gini said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful neighborhood. It's nice to know people are looking out for you.

Rissa said...

I think that is great. I haven't seen that sort of neighborly spirit since I was a little girl.