Saturday, April 12, 2008

sidenote***I don't have any recent pictures of Lucia because we have been out of batteries. I just made Kent go and buy some. She's a cute little bugger but had been the source of exactly one emotional breakdown today. Kent took the day off from work so he was able to swoop in and save me.***

Our Private Seattle

Here is my new idea for a small business inspired by my recent trip to Seattle:

I would like to open a coffee/espresso stand near the north dodge exit of I80. We would benefit from all the Pearson and ACT traffic not to mention travelers on I80. Its too far from the "rough" neighborhoods to get mugged by a crack addict on a bad night. I thought we could call it "My private Seattle."

Or we could employ strippers and have theme days like the stand near Chris' house and call it "Best Friends Coffee"... or was is "Cuddly Coffee." Mikey... Pop-o... You know the one. This idea would work better if I had a stripper's body... But maybe the truckers off I80 would be into my girth.

Kent did some naysaying when I told him but I think the plan is foolproof (P.s. I didn't tell him about the strippers- BAD IDEA!).

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WasteASkin said...

It is called "Best Friends Coffee", there is also a local chain called "ChickaLatte" but they are more costumed than cheescake. I love my cheescake with my coffee, and Best friends has great cheescake!!!