Sunday, September 04, 2005

Here some pictures from earlier years. You can't see me in the Glacier Nat'l Park picture but as the legend goes... I was concieved during this vacation. So I always like to share this picture and pretend that I'm secretly in it. Sorry Momma... its too good to keep to myself. As for this other picture.. Its always been my favorite. Mom and I were best firends during those first few years in Beaver Dam, WI. She will tell you that I was attached to her leg. I think this picture demonstrated that bond in a very loving and adorable way. I also want to point out how beautiful my mother is. She looked one of Da Vinci's portraits. Posted by Picasa

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Mike and Annette said...

Well, well, well, now all the world knows where you got your start. Love the other picture as well. Also one of my favorites. You were always a loving little girl. Thank you for the DaVinci comment. I am blushing! Mom