Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dancing Ambassadors of Timeless Music
In line with the photo on the previous blog, I wanted to catch everyone up on the Social/Ballroom Dancing class. Kent and I had our first class on Monday. I think we both come from the kind of adolescence/young adulthood where we were too shy to ever partner dance very much growing up. My Pop-o tried to show me a thing or two at my cousin Sammy's wedding and again at my brother Mike's wedding. I am afraid it was a bit hopeless.
My problem is being led around... Kent and I were just discussing this before he left for work. He told me that, "resistance is futile". He's probably right. I actually close my eyes so that I can feel his lead and not try to do it. That seems to help. I imagine that leading me is like trying to lead one of those "dolly" things that move heavy crates around or an overloaded shopping cart. I'm just trying to help.
Also there is the height issue. I'm taller than my man. In order to have our arms in the right place he has to hold his arms up a bit unnaturally (at my chin?). Therefore, he starts getting lazy and I'm kinda holing his arms up there too. Then my arm get a little tired and we start getting too loose. Its funny though.
Kent is also working on improving his sense of rhythm. Something that I wouldn't mention to him directly. I don' think he believes me. All I'm saying is that the difference between his slow... slow... Quick quicks is more like slow... slow... quick... quick... very subtle.
Another thing is Kent likes to fool around a bit. While we were supposed to stay in our area Kent took free reign of the space and almost get us yelled at for "moving around" the circle too much. The class is a bit crowded so its not easy to find an ideal dancing spot. Anyone who knows Kent know his dislike of being too close to too many people at once.
Anyway, we bought a very nice mix of songs to dance too and we are going to try to get in there to practice a bit early tomorrow and maybe a little tonight. Kent even said he thinks we should do it until we become Ambassadors of timeless music. It's the title awarded to people who finish the entire lesson program. As it is now, however, I think we are going to need to take the first class over again.
I'm hoping these classes will introduce a bit of well needed romance to our week too! Working and being exhausted really sucks the life out of one's relationship. But we will continue on with it and search for the romance again and again. Any suggestions?
By the way, I was complaining that no one comments to my friends and they said that I should write something really controversial like I'm pregnant. Now, I wouldn't do that because I'm a nice person but don't make me... Ok, guys?

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bschneider5 said...

I always wanted to take ballroom or swing dance classes with Samantha, but never seem to have time!!