Monday, September 05, 2005

I just remembered that I do have a slight rant about last night.
I went to Studio 13 at about 1:30 am (thirty minutes to close) and they expected us to pay $10 cover just to dance and buy their drinks for a half hour! That is ridiculous. I was stopped by a 13 year old looking blond boy and told I couldn't enter. I may have to ban this bar after 10 years of loyal patronage and getting my dance on.
This bar is a hole in the wall piece of crap. Its completely lame and unimpressive but they pretty much have a monopoly on the dance scene in Iowa City. The only other places to go dance cater to the student meat market. This is the only acceptable place to be seen dancing but its completely underwhelming. Because of this they almost always charge cover and they charge too much for their drinks. Hence, my reasoning for waiting until the last minute to spend my money and time there.
Big Mistake Studio 13. Find a new door-boy!

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