Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm posting right now during a 5 minute break from my gen. psych class.
Its been a pretty weird day but I like that. I feel good when I have multiple purposes to my day. I can't help but feel a little weird as an older student in an intro community college class. I am careful not to be too much of a "talker" in order not decrease further humiliation onto my charachter. I feel a little like Sara B. at the Renaissance Fair.
Anyway, today at my school job I'm struggling to gain the respect and command of a pretty rowdy crowd of football playing 6th graders. Trying to establish this can involve polotics of order in the school system. Much like the blame game of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (federal, local, state) I am caught trying to reach an end result through complicated channels. I suppose this kind of government is found anywhere.
well, gotta get upstairs to class!
We are learning about neurons, axons, and neuron potential, ect.
Wish me luck!

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bschneider5 said...

Katie-O as you know I have been very busy working on blog-hints. I invite you to jump into the forums and discuss your blog there. I know you're busy, so if you can't make it I understand!