Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina
I have been thinking for the past few days about what I can say about the Hurricane. I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm detached and I'm inspired all at the same time. I realized we can't wait for the government to fix this. We need to take care of our own on an individual level. I gave what I could today and will probably give again next paycheck. Can you give something? Follow the link. This website, Charity Navigator, will help you research and connect you with the charity that best fits your concerns and ethics. It is very helpful.
Sometimes, when huge world changing events happen like these its no use complaining and dwelling about the smaller things. Lets not forget these things can happen and remain a country united. Is that possible? Were the federal and local government protecting and preparing for this? Its not much use getting angry now but we can remember for next time. Lets not let ourselves or others lose sight of the greater good.


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bschneider5 said...

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Mike and Annette said...

Thanks for the inpiration, Dad and I will check out the ways to donate and also make a contribution.