Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dancing, Clubbing and the Art of Keeping Friends
I went out last night with a very old friend. We call her S. Lo. I will post her current pic as soon as I can get one. We spent yesterday with our friends from high school catching up over dinner and visiting. Ultimately, we all partied the night away until the wee hours of the morning in clubs and bars.
In the spirit of good fun I did go to Studio 13. Again, I left underwhelmed. I lost my taste for alcohol soon after my first Bud Light beer. I'm sorry but even drenched in lemon or olives I can only barely tolerate this kind of beer. We had a pretty fun time despite the mediocre club music. I am terribly unimpressed with people's ability to dance. I was searching the crowd looking for something that I could be inspired to dance about or to and there was little to move me. Perhaps it was the night winding down or the fact that at that point in the evening I was far more interested in talking to my friends then having my hearing impaired by loud music but I was not feeling it.
I ended up leaving before my friends and waited for them in the beer garden at Gabe's. I like that place. I really liked it because Kara was there with a few of her friends and basically anyone that Kara likes I like too. She has a tendency to know good people that I never seem able to find on my own. So I was able to talk with them. High school friends (Melissa, S. Lo,and JR) found me there and we soon left and finished our evening over breakfast at Village Inn.
The Art of Keeping friends... to me that is the art of having things to talk about that matter. My whole life I struggle during conversations and with relationships that only encompass a surface degree of importance and depth. If there isn't any meat on the friendship bone I can walk away from it mid-sentence. So if I can't be real with a friend then I can't keep a friend.
Keeping friends is a slippery slope. We are constantly changing and at any given moment we may really feel like we have life figured out only to have it come crashing down all around us. I say this to remind even myself to try to never judge the lifestyles of others. Everyone has their own journey and we all should be applauded for just surviving. Anyway, my life view, in a nutshell? If you do me wrong and hurt my feelings or annoy me- I reserve my right to be pissed and protect myself the only ways I know how, otherwise let live...
I will not lie I have separated myself emotionally from almost all of my friends at one point or another. I am by no means the perfect friend. I like to think I'm learning, however and I continue to try to keep learning. Like I said before it no easy business.

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