Thursday, September 15, 2005

Classroom archetypes
I'm just leaving my 101 psych class and I'm laughing to myself about the different types of students there are. I've been out of school for awhile and my experience in college has awarded me a bit of classroom wisdom. Out of that I can tell you a few things to avoid doing:
1. Being Mr. Or Ms. Over-generalization- This guy thinks he's really smart by taking the information and totally disassembling it into oblivion... Usually he starts his questions to the professor with, "So really what your saying is..." Usually he is totally off base.
2. Being Mr or Ms. Hard Science- This guy gets way too complicated usually throwing the whole discussion in left field. The sad part? He's really only doing it to impress classmates not for the "quest of knowledge".
3. Being Mr. Or Ms. Personal Stories- Also loves taking the discussion into pits of unusable information despair. The entire class has to endure the inappropriate banter of this person making everyone uncomfortable.
4. The ditz- always yelling out, "I don't get it!" and "Where are we?"
5. Mr. Or Ms. Stoner- only interesting in information if it relates to getting stoned, drunk, or drugs in general.
Everyone else either falls into the bored out of my mind category or the relatively interested and know how to listen and use my time usefully category. I fall somewhere into the boring wants to talk about the text and keep the class on target category.
Anyway, I was amusing myself with these observations and I hope I can help serve others entertainment with them too!

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