Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wedding at the Art Museum
I worked at the art museum again last night and witnessed another spectacular wedding there. I think I may have to try again and try harder to have my wedding there. I met "Buffy, " the lady I spoke with on the phone about my wedding before. She was as high maintenance and difficult last night as she was on the phone. I think the deal is that she doesn't want to be in charge of this sort of thing. Bottom line, if it was up to her I don't think she's even do it at all. Having weddings there probably brings in a good amount of revenue and she has no choice.
The good news is that she just hired an events coordinator and I won't have her to deal with next time I call. I asked her last night and she thought this new employee might be starting within the next couple of weeks. I think I will try again. It really is the most beautiful and appropriate place to have a wedding to me. I also found a great new link for Iowa City. Check it out if and when you want to look into your visit to the area. Around the time of my wedding will be a few music festivals. For example, this weekend was the women's music festival, next weekend is the Mud River music festival, and we had our Renaissance festival last weekend. Also, for anyone interested- it will be FOOTBALL season. Therefore, you may be able to catch a Hawks game while your here. If you're not too biased, that is.
Anyway, back to the wedding... I saw a few great things that I wanted to take note of from last night.
1. I really want to project pictures on the wall of the museum during the reception.
2. I want the wedding on the patio. Much better view of the Iowa River. Also it wasn't buggy at all so I'm pretty happy about that!
3. This was the second wedding I've been to where there was a rented audio system hooked up to a computer with the music programmed into it. A friend or relative could pick up the microphone and give speeches at leisure or cue up any song they felt like! I think that with all my smart friends and family someone with a laptop should be able to hook me up here! Whaddya say guys? Christopher... loving, dear, sweet brother? Are you in?
4. There was a very unique Norwegian cake there that I thought would me nice to honor Kent's mysterious genetic background. It was very cute and added a nice touch.
5. I must remember to ensure that the rental agency provides set up and breakdown. I am thinking of going with the cedar Rapids based company called Speilman's. Also I need to delegate out the task of someone receiving the rental items and taking inventory of them before they leave. I will need to have a copy of the invoice upon agreement of services.
6. Someone will need to set up lights and candles before the event.
7. Someone will need to be the "Person in the know" who is willing to take on last minute show problem stress... Preferably not my parents as I want them to really relax at this point. I think handing me off to Kent will be stress enough for them. This person will also be responsible for handing out tips and checking on progress of florist and caterer.
8. I will need people to be responsible for taking home leftovers for next day and people to take gifts for next day.
9. I think the ceremony should definitely be at 7 pm. This was a perfect time with the sky turning pink for dusk.
10. My friend Kara said she would make my appetizer trays such at fruit, veggies, and antipasto. I think I should have 3 fruit, 2 veggie and two antipasto. Also I think that the turkey meatballs were nice... two chaffers of those might be good. As I said before, I think that Jimmy Jake's can do the salmon. I will probably have Liz Weinberg (local foodie) in charge of catering. I was thinking that a risotto might me fun (could I have truffles in my risotto?- I don't know, pretty fancy). For meat... I haven't decided. Most importantly, I want there to be bruschetta. Anyone, catching on to an Italian theme? I think I'm most excited about the food and the atmosphere. If you have those things down EVERYONE is happy.
Well, lastly I wanted to mention to you all that Kent and I are taking our first ballroom dance class tomorrow. I watched Richard Gere and J-Lo to gere up for it. Should be fun and perhaps even interesting enough to write about so keep informed!


Mike and Annette said...

All of these ideas sound lovely. This looks like a winner. Keep on top of getting the date that you want. Be sure you also have written down these ideas somewhere on paper. I feel that these ideas will make your wedding truly yours. Wonderful!

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you are a beautiful person