Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Girls
This picture was too good not to share. My girls and I had planned to go wedding dress shopping in Cedar Rapids yesterday. Unfortunately, due to the Labor Day weekend, the shop closed too early to carry out plans. Desperate not to lose an evening of fun with these remarkable women (from the left: me, Genevieve, Sara and Melissa) , we went to the Renaissance Festival in Middle Amana instead. Melissa and Gen had two glasses of Bacardi Raz, Sara had one Shild Brau and I had two. Somehow on that small amount of alcohol we all got bombed. I think that someone may have roofied (sp?) us at the Medieval festival! I'm kidding, I'm sure that we all are just weenies when it comes to partying.
Anyway, we were all very giddy from all the Old English speak around and couldn't stop making fools of ourselves and laughing hysterically.
It was Sara B.s first R. Fair and she was a bit scared of all the dorkiness. You really have to abandon yourself to your inner nerd when you go to one of these things. She caught on pretty quickly, though. He he he.
We sat for our portrait which I'd say looks pretty darn accurate. I mean, I double for Pamela Anderson all the time. I wasn't surprised at all when I saw myself come out looking like her. Everyone walked away saying, "Oh, wasn't he such a nice man." He even managed to elevate Genevieve's self esteem and she's already near perfectly proportioned.
Anyway, the wedding planning wasn't a total loss because I got the name of a very nice harpist who happens to live in Cedar Falls where my parents may be moving. Also, you can never underestimate female bonding time.
We polished off the evening with dinner at the Olive Garden (I had my standard Zuppa Toscana, salad and breadsticks) and we drank a pitcher of Sangria. It was a very nice evening. The bride to be (me) got super tired early as I had gotton up at 5:30 am to manage and prep The Bread Garden (my second job) for the first Hawkeye football game of the season. Yes, Pop-o, it was another disastrous win. Hawkeyes crucify football ethics to start out with a moral building win, again! Sorry. Homecoming should be nuts. We play Illinois (I hope I don't work that game, blech). Anyway, my team and I will regroup and try dress shopping again a different weekend when the shop dubbed (by us) "Big Girl Bridal" is open.
Happy Labor Day to all you employed people out there and especially to all you restaurant workers who aren't allowed the pleasure of "Labor Day". Men and women, such as my Kent, are working double shifts on Labor Day just so the rest of us don't have to bother to cook on our day off. Love ya!


Indie said...

Great blog. I like what you have to say.

Jay said...

The essence of a blog can be many things. You have certainly captured at least one of them. It will be interesting to see how your blog evolves over time.


Mike and Annette said...

What a darling character portriat!! It looks just like all of you!!